For more than 50 years, Ƶ has been developing high-wear components and innovative cutting products. We deliver superior turf maintenance and turf care equipment to our customers through cost-effective, industry-leading manufacturing processes.

In 1973, we began producing lawn mower blades and are now considered the #1 manufacturer in the world of residential and commercial OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) mower blades. We have developed coating technologies, durable materials, and innovative products to set the industry benchmark for superior mower blades that not only last longer but run quieter and use less energy.

Turf Care

Lawn care companies rely on sharp blades to ensure efficient cutting, better performance, and reduced maintenance costs. A dull blade will tear and shred grass, leaving it vulnerable to browning, dehydration, and disease. When mower blades are not sharp enough, they can stress the mower deck, limiting the ability to maintain speed and efficiency. Dull blades can also significantly reduce fuel economy, limiting productivity and increasing overall operating costs.

Utilizing quality turf care equipment with Ƶ OEM mower blades makes it easier to deliver a healthier, greener lawn, enabling lawn striping and other desired enhancements. Ƶ offers a complete line of blades to fit most mowers, with more than 900 rotary blade designs. We have even developed one-of-a-kind blades specifically designed for electric mowers. These unique blades are thinner, smarter, stronger, and draw less power from the battery while retaining the durability you expect from Ƶ.

OEM Mower Blades

Ƶ provides OEM mower blades for residential and commercial lawn mowers of all types, sizes, makes, and models, including riding, walk-behind, zero-turn, and electric mowers. The lawn care industry relies on Ƶ OEM mower blades to provide a sharp cut every time with products that offer the following benefits:

  • Cut better
  • Last longer
  • Run quieter
  • Use less energy
  • Safer to operate


OEM Rotary Mower Blades

All Ƶ OEM mower blades meet the specific requirements of leading turf care equipment OEMs worldwide. Some of our solutions include:


The patented ELIMINATOR® is the strongest 4-in-1 shredding and mulching blade available. It combines 50+ years of proven design concepts to be the first blade to shred, mulch, bag, and discharge grass clippings. It is the only shredding and mulching blade constructed of MARBAIN®, a patented material we use to manufacture over 80 million blades to date. The ELIMINATOR® mulching and shredder blade features a patented reverse lift mulching function that creates turbulence and moves clippings down and outward towards the airlift teeth, re-cutting the clippings to provide better mulching and more efficient cutting.


The Ƶ TERMINATOR® utilizes MARBAIN® technology to make it 40% harder than other standard blades, setting it apart from the competition. The 3-in-1 mower blade shreds, bags, and discharges with a longer cutting edge, providing better re-cutting of grass clippings. An innovative airlift system helps the blade end lift and straighten grass, releasing it quicker from the deck, allowing for a shorter cut and higher mowing speed. The TERMINATORTM shredder blade makes it easier to cut in humid conditions and is faster for decomposing smaller clippings, resulting in a well-manicured lawn.


The unique LASEREDGE® premium OEM mower blade “cuts itself sharp,” significantly reducing sharpening time. It is the only premium blade made of MARBAIN® material and demonstrates its durability and toughness, even in the harshest conditions. The patented blade lowers maintenance costs and improves overall cutting efficiency. This premium blade is ideal for areas of the country that have sandy soil. The abrasive conditions of the soil tend to “eat” blades quickly and requiring more frequent blade changes and sharpening. LaserEdge blades never need sharpening.

OEM Reel Mower Bedknives

Ƶ utilizes high-strength tool steels and high-carbon alloys to manufacture quality bedknives that ensure higher tensile strengths, better yields, and improved impact resistance.

  • OEM Replacement Bedknives: Manufactured to tight tolerances with mounting holes precisely matching mower reels for quick and easy installation for any application.
  • D2 Bedknives: Made of D2 tool steel for premium edge-holding ability and high wear resistance, the durable bedknives offer better blade toughness with 58-60 HRC hardness.
  • M2 Bedknives: The M2 tool steel insert offers the best knife edge on the market with a 60-65 HRC hardness for superior cutting tool quality.


Contact Ƶ For Your Turf Maintenance Needs

Ƶ is a world-leading OEM direct supplier of turf care equipment, OEM mower blades, and reel mower bedknives, committed to offering superior performance and cost efficiency. The innovative company has manufactured over 350 million blades to date and offers 900 rotary blade designs each year for OEMs, serving residential and commercial customers throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe.

The exclusive MARBAIN® material is the preferred choice in the industry, with more than 100 million blades currently in use. The ELIMINATOR® and TERMINATOR® shredding and mulching mower blades offer unsurpassed cutting capabilities, and the next generation LASEREDGE® commercial mower blade “cuts itself sharp!”

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