Rugged Industrial Knives

Fiber, particle, and orientated strand board (OSB) production rely on the performance of the wood processing knives to make constant, uniform, and high-quality chips, flakes, and strands. You can depend on the quality of your industrial knives from Zenith Cutter, a division of Ƶ. Our precision manufacturing, expertise in metal hardening, and surface treatments, and thorough inspection processes means a quality long-lasting knife.

Zenith Cutter was founded on the development of knives for engineered wood  building materials. Today, we are still the recognized manufacturer of premium knives for particle, fiber, and OSB production.


Particle, Wafer & Orientated Strand Board (OSB) Production

Today, we are a leading manufacturer of precision flaker, chipper, strander, waferizer, and scoring knives. We stock these products in all the standard sizes for the most common applications and equipment types for fast delivery; our engineers and metallurgists excel in working with you to produce special engineered variations to meet your particular specifications.

Flaker and Strander Knives

Made of the finest steel available, Zenith Cutter produces knives for producing top quality flakes and strands.

Scoring Knives

Zenith Cutter manufacturers scoring knives that are long-lasting and durable.

Smooth and Level Board Planer Blades

Manufactured to exact tolerances, our planer blades are available at competitive prices.

Custom Knives

If you don’t see exactly what you need, we can make it for you! Contact Zenith Cutter.