The New Standard In Mulching

The patented ѱհ® is engineered to mulch and shred like nothing else in the industry! Eliminate clippings the first time with the finest mulching and shredding blade available. The “New” Standard in Mulching combines 50+ years of proven mulching design with the shredding concepts of today.

Most “mulching” blades on the market today could more accurately be described as shredders. They are traditional, lawn mower blades with spaces in the airlift portion about three inches from the end of a mulching blade to provide “teeth” for cutting grass and leaves into finer particles.

The ELIMINATOR blade adds a reverse lift to create turbulence which pushes the clippings down and outward towards the airlift teeth, essentially cutting the clippings again.

The Cutting Process

  1. ELIMINATOR cuts grass in a traditional fashion. Grass is cut on the outer part of the blade.
  2. ELIMINATOR shreds grass as the clippings pass through the airlift teeth.
  3. ELIMINATOR directs grass toward the center of the deck.
  4. ELIMINATOR patented Reverse Lift feature provides turbulence by pushing the directed clippings downward and outward toward the cutting edge.
  5. The clippings then begin the cutting process again with each blade rotation until the finely cut clippings drop to the surface, discharge or collect in the bagging unit

Eliminator End

Eliminator w Deck

Harder Blades Last Longer

Ƶ’s Eliminator blade is 50% harder than standard blades through our patented Ѵ® technology. Heat-treating separates ELIMINATOR from the rest of the industry! MARBAIN is material resulting from an exclusive, patented heat-treating process. All blades are heat-treated, but no blade in the industry can advertise the blade hardness offered by Ƶ. Our blades register 48–52 on the Rockwell “C” scale. Learn More

Reverse Lift

Mulch Section

Standard lift + Ƶ’s patented feature produces better under deck turbulence, providing better mulching through re-cutting of clippings.

Eliminator Reverse Lift

Features & Benefits

  • Strongest blade in the industry – 50% harder than standard blades
  • Lasts 90% longer than imported blades
  • Our patented design holds the cutting edge longer and has greater wear resistance in the cutting edge and the teeth of the blade
  • Eliminator produces fine clippings that allow you to bag more in a single cutting
  • 4 in 1 blade the mulches, shreds, bags and discharges
  • Exceeds Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) standards

Mowing the Lawn

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