We Never Stop Looking For Dependable Performance

The world has an insatiable appetite for natural resources that are increasingly scarce and difficult to extract. From the Australian outback to outer Mongolia, huge vehicles and powerful equipment are at work in conditions that quickly break down all but the best machinery. It can take days to fly in a new crawler shoe to an operation deep in the Gobi Desert, and meanwhile a power shovel worth millions sits idle. That’s why many ground engaging components for equipment found in mines and quarries get their start at Ƶ. Because you never have to think about them.

Aggregate Wear Components

Ƶ wear components used in the extraction and processing of minerals and aggregate materials are, by design, among our most rugged and reliable. These applications take their toll on even the toughest materials. Wear and abrasion go with the territory. Ƶ uses patented Ѵ® material and exceptional heat treating to make wear parts that outperform and outlast even the toughest steel alloys commonly used in these applications.

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Ground Engaging Components

Ground engaging wear parts bear the brunt of day-to-day mining and excavating operations. Ƶ builds them all better, with Ѵ® material, combined with our exceptional heat treating capabilities. They’re ideal for hard work and heavy lifting: from the cutting edge on a grader or scraper, rippers and dozer blades on a dozer, to the dozens of other types of wear part applications requiring maximum dependability.

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