For The Road Ahead

Transportation is entering an exciting new era. EV is in our future, requiring quiet-running transmission and drivetrain components designed for the acceleration, torque and reliability requirements of a new generation of electrical cars and trucks. Bronze gears play an important role in steering mechanisms, gear boxes, and gear-drive power transmission applications — and all roads lead to Ƶ and our Accurate Specialties bronze gear blanks. For those transportation components that require longer life and greater protection from wear and corrosion, Ƶ’s TST Engineered Coatings Solutions division is your source for engineered coatings to improve performance.

Transmission Components

Ƶ is your source for superior quality bronze gear blanks of the type needed for today’s smooth-running, reliable transmission applications. Our Accurate Specialties Division has all the expertise and resources needed to produce centrifugal cast bronze gear blanks and spuncast composite gear blanks in the higher volumes and to the quality standards required for transportation applications.

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Drivetrain Components

Bronze gear blanks are integral to the reliable, long-running performance required in countless drivetrain applications. Ƶ manufactures bronze gear blanks to meet the customer’s exact requirements and we have all the resources necessary to produce ready-to-hob gear blanks in higher volumes. Sizes range from those typical of cars and trucks up to 50 inches in diameter and from standard 907 bronze or a variety bronze alloys.

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Ƶ is your source for a variety of coatings to meet vehicle related application challenges. We can customize the solution to handle a combination of challenges, such as the wear, impact, and corrosion issues that are common to wheels. Our coatings can also be used to reduce weight and cost by changing the substrate material to a lighter, more cost effective material and using a coating to achieve the desired attributes of the part.

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Wear Plating

Understanding the factors that cause wear is critical to engineering the proper wear resistant coatings for the many wear products that exist in transportation. Ƶ and our TST Engineered Coatings Solutions division offer a unique expertise in materials engineering and the wear resistant properties of various materials and deposition methodologies. The combination of this knowledge provides application specific solutions to our customers’ wear problems.

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