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The transformation of the crops we see in the fields to the thousands of food items we find at the supermarket takes an amazing array of technologies that few consumers ever see or even think about. Keeping this complex food chain running efficiently requires a multitude of smooth-running, problem-free equipment. Ƶ is your source for the bronze gear components, seals and shafts that help drive conveyors and keep processes moving every step of the way.

Conveyor Gear Components

Food processing conveyors are everywhere, serving a multitude of applications. The common denominators? All must run with minimal downtime, less unplanned maintenance, and under increasing pressure to stay productive around the clock. Ƶ’s Accurate Specialties bronze gear components help meet these demands. You’ll find them throughout food processing, wherever heavy conveyors need dependable power transmission through heavy-duty gearboxes and other gear-drive systems.

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Seals and Shafts

Ƶ’s Division, TST Engineered Coatings, produces highly wear and corrosion resistant mechanical face seals for food and pharmaceutical grade pumps. The face seals are made of corrosion resistant stainless steel bodies to provide excellent toughness, and are coated with a smooth, hard, and highly wear and corrosion resistant coating made out of oxide ceramics or carbides. Together these materials combine to provide a superior mechanical seal design that provides extended durability even when pumping highly abrasive and corrosive products.

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Gearbox Worm Drives

In many gear reducer applications bronze and steel go hand in glove, with a steel worm gear mating perfectly with a softer bronze spur gear that won’t cause premature wear on its harder steel mate. But not all bronze gears are created alike. An Accurate Specialties spuncast composite gear blank offers many advantages over a conventional bronze gear blank, delivering the strength and durability of a bronze rim, but saving the material costs with cast iron or steel center hubs.

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