Ƶ has been developing innovative cutting and high-wear components for over 110 years. We study how materials behave and how engineered coatings affect the service life and performance of various components. From our world-class Technology Center, our materials engineering team creates improvements in alloys, coatings, and processes, allowing us to deliver products of unmatched quality. Our lawn mower blades, wear parts, coating solutions, industrial knives, and bronze gear components are developed to exceed the expectations of highly demanding industries. 

Here you’ll find more information about each of our product offerings.

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Turf Care

Turf Care Products

As a global leader in commercial and residential mower blade development and manufacturing, Ƶ crafts the finest blades in the industry. We are the largest OEM direct supplier of lawn and turf care components and develop mulching blades and shredding blades that use less energy, are safer to operate and cut better than competing brands. Ƶ’s turf care products include rotary mower blades and reel mower bed knives, with over 900 different OEM rotary blade designs.


Wear Parts

Wear Products

Wear parts improve and extend the life of the products you need the most. Ƶ produces wear parts that cost less and perform better. We are an OEM supplier of choice for product optimization and use our patented base material Ѵ® to create components with improved hardness and durability. Our proprietary FlexFuse® coating process minimizes warping and distortion of wear parts and creates uniform fusing conditions for wear coatings. Ƶ wear products deliver improved performance to agriculture, mining, construction, and other industries. 


Industrial Knives

Industrial Knives

Ƶ has been manufacturing corrugated knives since 1953 and currently leads the corrugated knife industry. We produce corrugated and converting knives in an extensive selection of designs, metal materials, finishes, and coatings to meet the requirements of diverse applications and tight tolerances. Zenith Cutter® knives from Ƶ outperform other brands, working faster, lasting longer, and reducing production costs. We offer cutting solutions for roofing, recycling, converting, tree care, and more. 

Engineered Coating Solutions

Engineered Coating Solutions

Industrial coatings take products to the next level. At Ƶ, our custom-developed proprietary coatings provide thermal protection, exceptional hardness, and wear and corrosion resistance. Our line up of engineered coating solutions includes:

  • Wear-resistant coatings: carbide, tungsten carbide, chromium oxide, and plastic coatings
  • Dielectric coatings: polymers and oxide ceramics
  • Corrosion-resistant and protective coatings: cobalt-chromium, nickel-chromium, ceramic-metal (cermet), oxide ceramic, and galvanic corrosion prevention coatings
  • Electrically conductive coatings: aluminum, copper, and molybdenum

Our surface engineering solutions optimize parts for industries that include energy, medical, food processing, transportation, and more.


Bronze Gear Components

Bronze Gear Components

Bronze gears are used in some of the toughest jobs where failure is not an option. These critical settings include elevator hoists, cranes, and mining operations. Ƶ produces superior bronze gear components and saves you money by using bronze only for the critical gear tooth portions of the component. We design and manufacture:

  • Centrifugal cast bronze blanks
  • Chillcast gear blanks
  • Industrial brakes
  • Tension brakes
  • Clutch assemblies
  • Continuous cast bar blanks

Superior High Wear and Cutting Components From Ƶ

For reliable, high-performance products that save you money, Ƶ has the solutions you need. We are committed to innovation and providing one-stop customized metal fabrication services, which include heat treating, bronze casting, CNC machining, precision vertical turning, robotic welding, stamping, and laser cutting. 

Ƶ is ISO 9001:2015 certified and maintains membership in many professional societies, including the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE), Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), ASM International, Precision Metalforming Association (PMA), and more. To get started on a custom solution for your next project, contact us today.