Applications abound in the agricultural industry for a new generation of wear parts that last longer, perform better and cost less. Who has time to fix it when it breaks or pay to replace it if it does? There’s work to be done, 24/7, rain or shine, whether it’s with the latest self-propelled forage harvester chopping hay at 50 tons an hour, or a combine harvesting 100 tons an hour to bring in a record crop.

No wonder so many wear parts and cutting knives originate at Ƶ Specialty Products. For everything from combines to corn headers, tractors to tillage equipment, and every type of harvester; we’re the supplier of choice for OEMs looking to differentiate their products with greater reliability and more performance.

Chances are your agricultural machines are being asked to do more than ever, in every extreme environment imaginable. If the wear and tear are taking their toll, contact Ƶ Specialty Products. We can leverage our wear parts ‘expertise’, manufacturing resources and innovative materials and coatings to optimize your design and ‘materialize’ a new solution that gives you the performance edge.


Our patented Ѵ® base material used for Ƶ’s blade and wear component production delivers a variety of performance advantages over the conventional material it’s used to replace, including exceptional hardness and durability – all at lower cost.

The MARBAIN advantage is a result of a controlled, proprietary heat treating process that creates ultra-hard properties without the brittleness associated with typical high Rockwell “C” hardness levels. It’s an ideal for high wear applications such as agricultural weldments, disc mower components and many others.

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Agriculture: Livestock Feeding

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FluxFuse® Coating Process

A Ƶ proprietary process, FluxFuse minimizes distortion and warping of components found in typical open air fusing, while providing consistent, uniform fusing conditions for adhering thermal spray wear coatings to the component base material.

Superior fusing of a wear coating results in a much stronger coating bond and, ultimately, increased wear component performance and durability. Combining MARBAIN with FluxFuse combines the best of the materials and coatings worlds, offering a world of new opportunities for longer life and improved performance.